The Water Savior Water Saving Dual Flush Toilet Upgrade Kit

Reduces your water usage and bills by up to 50%

Start saving money and water immediately! Convert your standard toilet to The Water Savior dual flush system and join the landlords, local business, home owners, communities, and universities saving thousands of gallons of fresh water a year.


Takes 20 minutes!

Installation Now Available for North Carolina Residents

Shipping to All 50 States

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Dual flush conversion kits begin paying for themselves with the first flush.

Blue push button to use less water to rinse liquids,

Silver push button for more water to clear solids.

The concept is simple and has been used in Europe and in commercial applications for years.

Now, instead of replacing the entire toilet for $50 - $100, simply install a dual flush retrofit flush valve and stop wasting water and money right now.

Become a Water Savior! Get yours today!

Why become a Water Savior?

Rather than use the entire tank to flush liquid waste, The Water Savior flush valve uses just enough water to rinse the bowl of liquid waste. The savings add up with every flush.

With The Water Savior dual flush toilets, homes waste less water, cites process significantly less waste water, and by not disposing of old, non-biodegradable toilets, these upgrades also decrease landfill usage.

Exercise your Right to Save, go DUAL FLUSH and join the Water Savior Movement


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